Wooden Furniture Care



Wood Furniture Care




Every item of furniture we sell is unique. No two pieces are exactly the same. Why, because we only manufacture our furniture from solid wood. Every tree has differing characteristics and so will our furniture.


The solid wood used in production of your furniture have been selected by our craftsmen for their natural beauty and characteristics. The depth and shade of colours and wood grain will vary with every piece. All timber changes in appearance over time due to exposure to direct sunlight and household conditions. Therefore new furniture will initially vary in shade from items you have previously purchased.


Please look after your new furniture with care. Tree fellers and craftsmen alike have toiled to bring this beautiful piece to your home.


For centuries, oak has been a popular material from which to construct tables, chairs, and other pieces of furniture thanks to its strength, durability and beauty. However, oak does have the tendency to stain easily and can become dry and cracked if not properly maintained. Maintaining oak furniture involves protecting it from extreme temperature swings, moisture and heat, as well as preserving its structural soundness by only moving it with care.



Daily Maintenance & Product Care




In order to ensure you many years of satisfaction with your new wooden furniture, it is necessary with the appropriate care and maintenance. Kindly follow the below specifications:



1.Clean the surface with the clean, wrung out cloth. (no detergent)



2. Leave any drawers or doors open in new furniture.This allows the smell of furniture oil to dissipate. New furniture has most likely been recently oiled before packed and shipped to your home. You need to air the wood out to minimize the odor of wood oil.



3. Move all oak furniture carefully.No matter how strong and sturdy a piece looks, always move it with care by lifting it instead of dragging, and carefully setting it down. This will preserve the integrity of the joints.



4. Avoid placing wooden furniture next to a source of heat or in direct sunlight. This can cause dryness, cracking and fading of the color. As the sunlight damages the wood's finish. If avoidance is not possible, cover your wood furniture with a cloth sheet to protect it from ultraviolet rays.



5. Maintain wooden furniture by treating it periodically with special furniture oil. Once a month is sufficient to prevent cracking and to create a moisture resistant layer with regular use, but if a piece of furniture is exposed to wear and tear daily, such as a table, chair or desk, oil it once a week. If you buy a new or used piece of oak furniture and it appears dry, oil it before use to restore the wood's sheen and protect it.



6. Avoid putting hot items such as dishes or pans directly on the wood.Instead, use place mats or table mats with felt backs.



7. Be careful not to expose solid wooden furniture to strong cleaning agents, coffee, wine, water or other liquids.



8. Wipe up any spills on the wooden furniture’s wood immediately to avoid staining. Use a clean cloth or paper towel.





Daily care




To prevent stains use coasters and place mats.

To clean, just use a sponge with a solution of water




Cracking and Splitting




Please note wood is an organic material that expands and contracts in response its environment (due to the change in humidity) and as such cannot be 100% guaranteed not to move.



Ring Marks




Use coasters and place mats to reduce the occurrence of ring marks. Hot substances or liquids placed directly on the wooden surface can cause these. They can be removed using a Ring Remover available from any DIY store. If the stain is deep the area can be sanded and then restained or colored and waxed to restore it.




How often should the item be treated with waxed oil?




(1)  First time immediately before use

(2)  One month after purchase

(3)  Hereafter treatment according to the need. We recommend every month



How do you treat the item?




(1)  Clean the surface with the clean, wrung out cloth.

(2)  Wait for 10 – 15 minutes. The wood may become dry over time or in different conditions for example air conditioning or central heating.

(3)  Polishing with wax oil with the clean sponge along the gains of the wood.

(4)  Wait for 10 minutes and polish the remaining oil off with a new, clean cloth.

(5)  Do not use the item until the oil is completely absorbed.




Daily maintenance:




(1)  Clean the surface with the clean, wrung out cloth. (no detergent)

(2)  Small spots can polished off with sand paper no.220 or 18. Remember: No steel wool – and always along the grains of the wood.




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